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How to Move Home in a Hurry

Life can come at you fast, and while we would always recommend organising a move at least a month before, plans don’t always work out the way want. If you need to move home in a hurry, we have some tips that can help.


While the whole project of moving may seem overwhelming, creating a checklist can help you manage your workload one step at a time. A checklist can help you keep track of your priorities, show your completed tasks and help break down an intimidating feat into easier steps.


Before you start throwing things in boxes, having at least a basic plan can not only make the process of packing easier but also unpacking in your new property. Try making piles based on where the item is going.


Moving in a hurry can be a blessing in disguise. It can help you realise the items that matter to you, and the items that don’t. Following the recent rise in charity shop donations due to the ‘Sparking joy’ method of clearing out your belongings, moving is a great excuse to be ruthless with your items, and lighten the load.

Get Some Help

Here at Norman Ferns Removals, we have been operating for over 70 years and have helped countless people move home in a hurry. Our Packing and removals services can make the process swift and stress-free.

You can call us today on 01538 382897 to discuss your upcoming move with us.

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